The key to attracting top talent starts with your current employees!

The key to attracting top talent starts with your current employees!

When a candidate it is looking for a new career, one of the first places they generally look is on job boards such as Monster or CareerBuilder. Once they find a position that interests them, a lot of candidates begin to search the internet about the company that posted the job. A lot of times they end up on sites such as Glassdoor or Indeed.  

Have you ever looked up your company on Glassdoor/Indeed? If you haven’t, you really should. You may think your company is attractive from the inside, but is it attractive from the outside?  Claiming your business on Glassdoor/Indeed is imperative. Once the company is claimed, a representative from the company can then reply to the comments and reviews and help to correct any disgruntled comments that may be there.

Current and past employees post on sites like Glassdoor/Indeed to make others aware of how the company is run, and what it was/is like to work there.  If your company is not represented in a positive light online, you will not attract the top talent you are looking for as candidates will look elsewhere.

So, how do you keep those poor reviews on Glassdoor/Indeed from happening in the first place? Here are some ways to not only keep your employees happy, engaged and willing to recommend your company to others, but also, ways to attract that top talent you are searching for.


  • Offer referral incentives
  • Offer ways for the company to give back to the community
  • Offer Competitive Benefits
  • Offer flexible work schedule (offer flex time, or occasional ability to work remotely)


What are some ways that your company attracts top talent?

Our Process

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Quad Partners has been working with the Hudson Group for many years and John has provided us with good qualified applicants and we have hired numerous employees from John's group. I would highly recommend you call John for your next search.

Basil Katsamakis - Operating Partner at Quad Partners