We don't just work for our clients. We work closely with them.

All executive and education search firms are not alike.

Many of them simply accept recruitment orders from clients like waiters at a restaurant. They field requests for candidates for a specific position, but don't dig any deeper. This approach is often doomed to failure, as the search firm does little more than utilize the same sort of advertising and social networking that the client has already unsuccessfully employed.

At The Hudson Group, we have a better way of doing things. We use a 25-step process focused on in-depth collaboration with clients. We explain our Search Firm Assessment system and Our Mission so our clients better understand what we do and how we want to engage with them. We then take time to understand not just the position being filled, but a wide range of intangibles such as the culture and mission of an educational institution, private equity company or not-for-profit organization.

Our goal is to collect enough detailed information so that we can convey our client’s message with pinpoint accuracy to attract a talent pool that is not always easy to reach. When we've done that, we create a white paper, an in-depth analysis on the particular position our client seeks to fill. And then we meet regularly to make sure our team members are on the same page and that a consistent message is being conveyed through every step of the search and recruitment process.

Does this analytical approach require our clients to make a substantial initial time investment? Yes, it does. Is it worth the effort? We're certain the answer is yes.

Practice Areas

Our in-depth knowledge of each of the vertical markets we specialize in and our extraordinary networking skills can help you find the type of outstanding professionals who can get you to where you want to go.