5 Reasons Why a Lateral Move May Be Your Best Move

Opportunities arise that we may dismiss prematurely.  I often hear from candidates, “That is the position I am doing currently, why would I want to make a move if it isn’t a step upward?”

Here are five reasons why a lateral move may actually BE that step in the right direction:

  1. There are few opportunities for growth within your current organization: A common scenario is that you may have an immediate supervisor who is about the same age as you, completely content in their position and ready to stay there until retirement.  Or you are simply in a small organization where there is no place to advance to.
  1. Your organization is “restructuring”: This may affect your current position in a variety of ways from standard downsizing with layoffs to a new CEO who wants to bring in their “own” team.  A move now can bring more security in a different company.
  1. You are moving: Cost of living, family concerns and lifestyle changes are a few personal reasons to change locations.  You have the most experience at your current level which makes you more attractive for a lateral move wherever you decide to go.
  1. The current culture is not a good fit: The myriad of reasons why your organization may not be a cultural fit would require a whole other article explain.  Here again, a lateral move can be an easy transition to a new work environment. 
  1. You are feeling stuck: You are confident in your ability to be effective in your current position and are looking for more responsibility but somehow feel trapped.  You really want that promotion but are lacking the enthusiasm and drive for advancement.  A lateral move to the same position in a new environment may just be the jump start to reignite your career advancement flame.

 So next time that lateral opportunity presents itself, give it some consideration.  As always, reflection on how satisfied you are within your current position is a way to review and improve upon your talents and contributions right where you are, or help you decide to make a change.

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