Uniquely qualified candidates can help you achieve your mission.

Not-for-profit organizations have a lot on their plate. Government regulations. The constant quest for donors. Competition for volunteers. And then there's the big-picture mission of serving the unique needs of their targeted communities. The Hudson Group has extensive experience helping not-for-profit groups find top leaders who can formulate a vision, navigate challenges and carry out their complex roles with both passion and purpose. We have worked with a wide range of organizations, including:

  • Charitable and philanthropic organizations and foundations
  • Regional and national member associations
  • Local and regional community health centers
  • Civic and cultural organizations
  • Professional service based organizations and associations
  • Tribal nations

At The Hudson Group, we recognize each not-for-profit group has its own unique mission and values. We work closely with boards of directors and search committees to make sure we pursue candidates who best meet these specific needs. Utilizing our proven methodology as a premier executive search firm, we can provide the range of services required to find exactly the type of exceptional leaders our clients require.

Our Process

No short-cuts. No gimmicks. Our time-tested process sets us apart.

Quad Partners has been working with the Hudson Group for many years and John has provided us with good qualified applicants and we have hired numerous employees from John's group. I would highly recommend you call John for your next search.

Basil Katsamakis - Operating Partner at Quad Partners