Free Education?!

I've lived in the State of Connecticut all my life.  With the 2nd highest taxes in the country (next to California), an out of control deficit, housing prices plummeting the powers that be are launching the latest wave of entitlement programs.  One would think I'm a far right conservative but oddly enough the middle is where I stand on most issues.  

People ask me all the time why is there no UCONN online, CCSU Online SCSU Online?  If the CSU system is one of the best in the country, why are we not looking to expand through online like Arizona State, Penn State or other state institutions that are taking advantage of the technology and bringing in millions of dollars of tuition revenue?

For a state that proclaims they are "progressive" Connecticut is woefully behind the 8-ball.  There is ZERO excuse for the lack of vision in our leadership to be the leaders in EdTech.  Yet another blown opportunity passing us by!

Our Process

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Quad Partners has been working with the Hudson Group for many years and John has provided us with good qualified applicants and we have hired numerous employees from John's group. I would highly recommend you call John for your next search.

Basil Katsamakis - Operating Partner at Quad Partners