How To Avoid Turning Your Job Candidates Off

  We have all been a job candidate at one point or another. I’m sure we all have our stories we could tell as well. Here are some of the biggest turn offs for your job candidates and what you can do to avoid them.

Job description:

  • Don’t: Make it essentially a wish list of what you would like the candidate to have. These should be listed in the qualifications or preferred qualifications section.
  • Do: This should be a description of the job and its duties and why the person would want to work for the company. This is the beginning of the document you need to attract the candidate and make them want to work for you.



  • Don’t: require the candidate to do quizzes and questioners’ prior to even speaking with the hiring manager. A lot of candidates feel this is a waste of time and will not continue to complete the application process.
  • Do: Save these questions for the interview process. Ask a few short answer questions that will help you to see the persons personality. Doing this in person will help you even more as you can hear the sincerity as well s read their body language.


Communication: This is key both before and after the interview process.

  • Don’t: Wait too long! Before the interview process, don’t wait long periods of time to reach out to the candidates for an interview. If these candidates are actively seeking employment they will have put in several applications and could be snatched up before you even male that call. After the interview process, don’t wait for the candidate to reach out to you to get a status update, you should make that initial contact, not them.
  • Do: Reach out to the candidates in a timely fashion, whether you plan on bringing them in or not. Let them know if thy do not meet the criteria and you will not be bringing them in for an interview. If you are interested in bringing them in, reach out let them know your interested. After the interview process, it is best to keep the candidates updates as to where they stand. Let them know if they are not in the running for the position in a timely manner. The same goes for if you would like to take the process a step further, keep them in the loop.


Other Turnoffs:

  • Not allowing enough time for the candidate to ask any questions they may have
  • Not making the candidate feel special and welcome in the interview process


We would like to hear from you! What do you feel is a Job candidate turn off?  


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