Why Do Companies Hire Recruitment Agencies?

How can a recruitment agency help you fill your open job positions?

Today's job market is highly competitive which can prove difficult when trying to recruit the best talent out there.

Lets take a look at what the most common reasons to hire a recruiting firm are.


They Save You Time

The hiring process can be a very time-consuming process. When you hire a recruitment agency, they can help you to save your employees’ time.

Some companies are on the smaller side and may not have a full-time recruiter. Utilizing a recruiting firm is ideal for these clients as they do not have to waste their valuable resources to source out their next candidates.

Recruitment firms work solely on recruiting, Recruiters work to fill many positions at the same time and talk to hundreds of candidates weekly. These candidates are put into candidate pools, one pool for each job type. This means that recruiting agencies can significantly shorten your hiring process by having all of these candidates readily available for you to interview.


Highly Qualified Candidates

Recruiting firms specialize in their own niche. By specializing in certain industries, they can focus their expertise and locate the best candidates for your open positions. They don’t just make sure these candidates are great on paper but that they have a proven track record and that the are the best of the best.


Retain Your New Hires

When a company signs a contract with a recruiting agency, they are getting an extra guarantee that they would not by hiring them themselves. Most agency’s guarantee that the candidate will stay with your company for a certain period of time. This “safety net” helps the agencies clients to feel more at ease when working with them.


Should you hire a recruiting firm for your next search?

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